Landing Net Handles

Superba Exp-560

Superba EXP-560          471GU0544          RRP £179.99          5.6m

This really is as good as it gets! Produced using HR high modulus carbon it offers many functions: Double threaded the handle makes a fantastic, super light, stiff and strong tool for modern commercial work. Add the threaded end section for a 4.2m long handle that has the same rigidity and strength throughout. In addition you can then add the butt section taking this to the full length, perfect for those awkward banks or deep situations on rivers that demand precision.

Red Heart Match

Red Heart Match 4-80          471GU0188          RRP £119.99          4.8m

Made of high strength carbon this take apart handle is stiff, slim, easy to handle and reliable.  This handle can be used in a variety of lengths without losing its strength and rigidity.

Superba Techno Match

Superba Techno Match          471GU0167          RRP £64.99          3.3m

A superb handle that offers the angler a lot for the reasonable price tag. This three piece landing net handle made of carbon fibre is stiff, light weight, strong and reliable. 

Superba Carp Catcher

Superba Carp Catcher          471GU0166          RRP £39.99          3m

This very slim and stiff two piece take apart landing net handle made of high strength carbon.  The first section is fitted with a 20cm quick change connecter that allows the head to be disengaged and removed after landing the fish. Perfect for commercial carp fishing.

Coaster Take Apart

Coaster Take Apart          470GU0034          RRP £29.99          3.3m

Take apart landing net handle, made from strong fibre that is threaded on both sections for dual length use.

Gerardix No Limit X Wrap

Gerardix No Limit          471GU0138          £19.99          3m

Take apart landing net handle made from high resistance carbon with an extra strong x weave.  Very stiff and sturdy, this handle comes with a non slip butt section.