Cool Bags & Bait Bag

Ronco Cool Bags

Termica Ronco Black  800VV1025  RRP £64.99  Size: 55x29x29

Termica Ronco Red   800VV1034  RRP  £64.99  Size:  55x29x29

This top spec coolbag provides the ultimate in bait care and transportation protecting it from extreme weather.  It has segregation panels so bait boxes can be stored securely.  A padded insert allows secure positioning of all you hooker tubs, ideal for selections of boilies and flavouring etc.  

The outer lining is made from oilskin combined with hardwearing and waterproof pvc material for optimum weather resistance and waterproofing.  Heavy duty zips, soft padded handles and shoulder strap make for comfortable and easy transportation.

Red Fifty EVA Bait Bag

Resort Red Fifty EVA Bait Bag  800AV1289    RRP  £32.50  Size: 30x45x28

This practical, easy to wash bag is entirely made of EVA.  Features include heat welded seams, a zipped lid with clips allowing it to be locked in either full of half opened.  It comes with rigid handles and shoulder strap.