EVA Accessory Bags


                 Code                  RRP                  Size
Valigetta EVA Bag                 80AV1293R                 £24.99               45x29x14

A practical easy to wash EVA bag with heat welded seams, zipped lid and heavy duty zip suitible for carrying bait or accessories.

Ragus & Taffle EVA Bags

                 Code                RRP                Size
Ragus EVA                  800AV1612                £11.99                16x16x12
Taffle EVA                  800AV1812                £17.99                47x18x12

Handy easy to wash EVA bags with heat welded seams, zipped lids and heavy duty zips perfect for storing and transporting tackle and bait whilst giving protection against the weather.

Superba Catapult Bag

                 Code                RRP
Superba Catapult Bag                  800VV1029                £14.99

The superba catapult bag is made to the same specification as the rest of the luggage.  Made from oilskin and fully tear and waterproof coated PVC this is a perfect bag for storing a large number of catapults securely.

Milo Classic Accessory Bag

                Code                  RRP
Classic Collection Accessory bag                 800VV1050                  £9.99

Strong and hard wearing zipped accessory bag from Milo's classic collection.  This has been maufactured using the finest tear resistant and water proof fabric to keep items such as feeders, pole pots stored safely and dry. Velcro compatments and a zip pocket inside make it a great storage tool.