Gerardix Rod Range

Code RRP Length
Geradix Match Pellets 306GP0010 £55.00 10ft
Geradix Match Pellets 306GP0011 £59.99 11ft
Geradix Match Pellets 306GP0012 £65.00 12ft
The Gerardix match pellets punch way above their economical price tag. The 10, 11 & 12 feet versions all benefit from the Italian class that is so common and evident. Crisp, light and stiff, these are purpose built commercial pellet waggler rods that will handle anything you throw at them. Fantastic value for a quality product!

Code RRP Description
Perception Picker 306PKP527 £39.99 9 ft
Perception Picker 306PKP530 £44.99 10ft
Perception Picker 306PKP533 £49.99 11ft
Perception Picker 306PEA636 £54.99 12ft
The Perception Picker models offer a smooth yet powerful action, ideal for commercial fisheries. Supplied with 2 tips of 0.5oz and 1oz the soft tip action blends perfectly into a stronger mid and butt section. Easy and accurate to cast the SIC II guides add to a full cork and duplon handle and reel seat. Quality rods at extreme value.