Premiership Feeder Rods

Precise Feeder Rod  306PP0300  £84.99  10ft

Precise Feeder Rod  306PP0330  £89.99  11ft

Precise Carp Feeder 306PC0360  £99.99  12ft

Made with High Resistance, high modulus carbon, the Premiership Precise range of rods are designed to deliver a medium to light action with enough power to more than cope with carp of all sizes. Powerful yet sensitive, finished with SIC II guides and offering superb casting accuracy these rods perform every bit as well as their looks suggest. Balanced, light with a fast recovery!

Premiership Precise 10ft & 11ft Feeder

These rods are perfect all round tools and perform brilliantly for all kinds of bomb and feeder work. From roach to carp the balance and crisp nature will definitely surprise.

Premiership 12ft Carp Feeder

The 12ft Medium Carp Feeder is perfectly suited to situations where you need that bit more…

Reliable, resilient and ideal when casting longer distances, a blend of both double and single legged guides offer a performance of quality and class. Supplied with 2 all carbon tips that blend flawlessly into the power curve action

Premiership Prestige Multi Rod  306PM0330  £154.99  11ft, 12ft 13ft

Probably one of the best bream rods you will ever pick up. This classic mutli tip offers the angler a beautifully balanced rod at any length you choose to fish. Supplied with 3 butt sections to make sure the action stays faultless. This is 3 rods in one and made from super high modulus carbon matched with SIC II guides. Supplied with 3, all carbon tips offering a choice of 3 actions at 1oz, 1.5oz & 2oz.