Milo Superba Feeder Rods

Superba Champions League Feeder Rod  306PF0300  £189.99  10ft

Superba Champions League Feeder Rod  306PF0330  £199.99  11ft

Superba Champions League Feeder Rod  370SC0360  £249.99  12ft

The Superba range is pure indulgence. Exquisite, incredibly balanced High Modulus blanks offer an unrivalled flawless action. Coupled with K500, ultra long legged silicon carbide guides, ergonomic screw lock reel seat and finished with ultra-low porosity, natural cork handle. A typically Italian high class finish gives this range the aesthetics to match the quality of performance. Strictly for those demanding excellence!

Superba Champions League Feeder 10ft & 11ft

This unique range of feeder rods are truly top class. A beautiful progressive curve with incredible balance. Both the 10 & 11ft models will cover most if not all modern fishing can throw at them and all but specialist situations and extreme distance is easily covered. These rods come as two piece models with 3 all carbon tips available, 1oz, 1.5oz and 2oz variants.

Superba Champions League 12ft Feeder

When medium to long range situations present or you need that bit more control, the 12ft Superba is the tool of choice. A soft to medium tip blends effortlessly in the more powerful mid to butt sections. A classic mid to long range rod that covers all disciplines and methods. Supplied with 3 all carbon tips in 1oz, 1.5oz and 2oz.


Since its launch five years ago, the Superba Champions League is still the top range of Milo Feeder Rods.

Since launching, it is still among the best series with models for all styles of fishing.  

One of them is the Superba Extreme, a rod for heavy fishing with feeders over 150 grams. Then, there are the rods for canal and lake fishing.  One of the most popular and successful models are the 10’ and 11’ versions.

Two light and very sensitive rods, with a progressive tip action. Perfect rods for light fishing with a casting of 60 grams.  These are Multi-purpose rods that Milo has created to be perfect in the english fisheries.

The Superba Champions League Feeder Pellets in this two lengths was born after the development  between two world champions as Milo Colombo and Steve Gardener.   This kind of product has three tips of 1 – 1,5 – 2 oz. The 1oz quiver is recommended for fishing with pellet feeder up to 25 grams in situations where the fish are not very active.  Or for a speed fishing on small fishes such as roach, f1 and skimmers (particularly the 10ft).  Speaking again about the 10 ', this is a rod for marginal fishing. Using the tip of 1.5 and 2 oz and it can be used for commercial style Carp Fishing.

For big water carp feeder fishing the 3,30 mt would then become the perfect tool.  A much stronger rod, able to handle not only 45 grams feeders, but also important big fish.

The Superba Champions League 11 'is the perfect rod for that type of mixed fishery in which stocky Carp and F1s are the target.

In Italy the official Milo Feeder Team use the Superba Champions League in all the competition fields where there is versatility of types of fish and venues.